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National Destination Code List

This is the Myanmar National Destination Code List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
National Destination Code Region Name City Carrier Name Number Type
1 Kayar Phar Saung MPT G
1 Yangon Bahan MPT G
1 Yangon Bayintnaung MPT G
1 Yangon Dagon Seikkan MPT G
1 Yangon Dagon (East Ind`l Zone) MPT G
1 Yangon Dagon (North) MPT G
1 Yangon Dagon (South ) MPT G
1 Yangon Dala MPT G
1 Yangon Hanthawaddy MPT G
1 Yangon Hlaing Thaya MPT G
1 Yangon Hlegu MPT G
1 Yangon Htantabin MPT G
1 Yangon Htaukkyant MPT G
1 Yangon Hwa -Wbi MPT G
1 Yangon Inndai MPT G
1 Yangon Insein MPT G
1 Yangon Kawhmu MPT G
1 Yangon Kunchankone MPT G
1 Yangon Kyaikkasan MPT G
1 Yangon Laydaukkan MPT G
1 Yangon Maungtaulay MPT G
1 Yangon Mayagone MPT G
1 Yangon Mingalardon MPT G
1 Yangon North Okkalapa MPT G
1 Yangon Nyaungnttpin MPT G
1 Yangon Palemyothit MPT G
1 Yangon Paunggyi MPT G
1 Yangon Seikkyee MPT G
1 Yangon Shwenantha MPT G
1 Yangon Shwepaukkan Ind`l Zone MPT G
1 Yangon Shwepyithar MPT G
1 Yangon Shwepyithar Ind`l Zone MPT G
1 Yangon Thingangyun MPT G
1 Yangon Yangon East MPT G
1 Yangon Yangon Huawei CDMA MPT M
1 Yangon Yangon West MPT G
2 Mandalay Amarapura MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay Air Port MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay Local Transit MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay New Town MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay Pyigyidagun MPT G
2 Mandalay Mandalay Zeebingyi MPT G
2 Mandalay Mattayar MPT G
2 Mandalay Mc Will MSC Exchange MPT G
2 Mandalay Myanmar Teleport MPT G
2 Mandalay Myitge MPT G
2 Mandalay Patheingyi MPT G
2 Mandalay Yadanapon MPT G
2 Mandalay Yadanapone New Town MPT G
2 Mandalay Zaygyo MPT G
2 Nay Pyi Taw Mandalay MPT G
2 Nay Pyi Taw Ye War MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Chaungthar MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Ein Me MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Kan Gyi Htaunt MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Kyone Ma Ngay MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Latputha MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Maw La Myaing Kyun MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Myaung Mya MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Myetto MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Ngwe Saung MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Pathein MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy Thapaung MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy War Khe Ma MPT G
42 Ayeyarwaddy ngaputaw MPT G
43 Rakhine Kyaukphyu MPT G
43 Rakhine Maungtaw MPT G
43 Rakhine Myauk MPT G
43 Rakhine Ngapali (Shwe War Gyaing) MPT G
43 Rakhine Sittwe MPT G
43 Rakhine Taungoke MPT G
43 Rakhine Thandwe MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Hin Tha Da MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Htoo Gyi MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Ingapu MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Innpin MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Kwin Kauk MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Kyan Kin MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Lay Myat Hnar MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Mae Za Li Kone MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Myan Aung MPT G
44 Ayeyarwaddy Zalon MPT G
45 Ayeyarwaddy Bo Ga Lay MPT G
45 Ayeyarwaddy Day Da Ye MPT G
45 Ayeyarwaddy Kyaik Lat MPT G
45 Ayeyarwaddy Mubin MPT G
45 Ayeyarwaddy Phyapon MPT G
45 Yangon Twante MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Ahtaung MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Athat MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Da Nu Phyu MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Kyaung Kone MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Kyone Pyaw MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Nyaung Done MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Pan Ta Naw MPT G
46 Ayeyarwaddy Yaykyi MPT G
52 Bago(East) Bago MPT G
52 Bago(East) Daiku MPT G
52 Bago(East) Kawa MPT G