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City List

This is the Myanmar City List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
City Region Name National Destination Code Carrier Name Number Type
Aeintaw It 67 MPT G
Ahara Thuka Market It 67 MPT G
Ahtaung Ayeyarwaddy 46 MPT G
Airport (New) It 67 MPT G
Airport (Old) It 67 MPT G
Alar It 67 MPT G
Amarapura Mandalay 2 MPT G
Anee Sakhan Mandalay 85 MPT G
Athat Ayeyarwaddy 46 MPT G
Aung Ban Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Aunglan Magay 69 MPT G
Ayartaw Sagaing 71 MPT G
Ayetharyar Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Ayetharyar (Industrial Zone) Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Bago Bago(East) 52 MPT G
Bahan Yangon 1 MPT G
Banmaw Kachin 74 MPT G
Bayintnaung Yangon 1 MPT G
Belin Mon 57 MPT G
Bo Ga Lay Ayeyarwaddy 45 MPT G
Bokepyin Thaninthayi 59 MPT G
Butalin Sagaing 71 MPT G
Chauk Magay 61 MPT G
Chaung OO Sagaing 71 MPT G
Chaungsone Mon 57 MPT G
Chaungthar Ayeyarwaddy 42 MPT G
Da Nu Phyu Ayeyarwaddy 46 MPT G
Dagon Seikkan Yangon 1 MPT G
Dagon (East Ind`l Zone) Yangon 1 MPT G
Dagon (North) Yangon 1 MPT G
Dagon (South ) Yangon 1 MPT G
Daiku Bago(East) 52 MPT G
Dala Yangon 1 MPT G
Dawei Thaninthayi 59 MPT G
Day Da Ye Ayeyarwaddy 45 MPT G
Dekhinathiri It 67 MPT G
Demawso Kayar 83 MPT G
Depae Yii Sagaing 71 MPT G
Depeyin Sagaing 75 MPT G
Deze Sagaing 75 MPT G
Ein Me Ayeyarwaddy 42 MPT G
Gantgaw Magay 62 MPT G
Gyo Bin Kauk Bago(West) 53 MPT G
Haehoo Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Hakha Chin 70 MPT G
Hanthawaddy Yangon 1 MPT G
Hin Tha Da Ayeyarwaddy 44 MPT G
Hlaing Thaya Yangon 1 MPT G
Hlaingbwe Kayin 58 MPT G
Hlegu Yangon 1 MPT G
Hopan Lasho 82 MPT G
Hopin Kachin 74 MPT G
Hopone Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Hpa-An Kayin 58 MPT G
Htantabin Yangon 1 MPT G
Htantalang Chin 70 MPT G
Htantapin Bago(East) 54 MPT G
Htaukkyant Yangon 1 MPT G
Htee Chaink Sagaing 75 MPT G
Htoo Gyi Ayeyarwaddy 44 MPT G
Hwa -Wbi Yangon 1 MPT G
Igw It 67 MPT G
Indaw Sagaing 75 MPT G
Ingapu Ayeyarwaddy 44 MPT G
Inn Ma Bago(West) 53 MPT G
Inndai Yangon 1 MPT G
Innpin Ayeyarwaddy 44 MPT G
Insein Yangon 1 MPT G
Kalaw Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Kale Sagaing 73 MPT G
Kale Industrial Zone Sagaing 73 MPT G
Kamma Magay 68 MPT G
Kan Gyi Htaunt Ayeyarwaddy 42 MPT G
Kanbalu Sagaing 75 MPT G
Kanma Magay 62 MPT G
Kanpauk Thaninthayi 59 MPT G
Kanyutkwin Bago(East) 54 MPT G
Karle Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Katha Sagaing 75 MPT G
Kattaung Kyaung Tong 84 MPT G
Kaungkha Lasho 82 MPT G
Kaw Lin Sagaing 75 MPT G
Kawa Bago(East) 52 MPT G
Kawhmu Yangon 1 MPT G
Kawkayeik Kayin 58 MPT G
Kawthaung Thaninthayi 59 MPT G
Kayan Yangon 56 MPT G
Khin Oo Sagaing 75 MPT G
Kho Lan Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Kukote Lasho 82 MPT G
Kume Mandalay 66 MPT G
Kun Hein Taunggyi 81 MPT G
Kunchankone Yangon 1 MPT G
Kunlon Lasho 82 MPT G
Kutkai Lasho 82 MPT G
Kwin Kauk Ayeyarwaddy 44 MPT G
Kyaik Lat Ayeyarwaddy 45 MPT G
Kyaikhto Mon 57 MPT G
Kyaikkasan Yangon 1 MPT G
Kyaikkhame Mon 57 MPT G